Good Samaritan Rescues Forgetful CUMember

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TUKWILA, Wash. - (05/13/05) -- One act of kindness set apricetag--of $5,000--on the credit union credo 'people helpingpeople,' when a 69-year Boeing Employees CU member absent-mindedlyleft an unmarked envelope containing that amount of cash at thecredit union's ATM. Donna Pincombe was at the credit union Mondaycashing a check for her son-in-law when she put the $5,000 into theenvelope, then walked outside to the ATM to get some cash forherself. It wasn't until after she drove home that she realized shehad left the envelope with the cash behind. Luckily, another creditunion member turned the envelope in and all of the money waswaiting for Pincombe when she called the credit union for help. ForBonnie Stewart, who found the unmarked envelope, there was neverany question about what to do with the found money. "When I foundit, I thought, 'there's someone really worried right now,' I knewhow I would feel if it happened to me," she said.

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