Gunman In Hostage Stand-Off May HaveWanted To Be Shot

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COLUMBUS, Ind. - (07/29/05) -- A teenage gunman who briefly held 37members and employees at Centra CU hostage Wednesday was deeplydepressed and may have wanted police to shoot him. "I believe hisintention was to go in and be killed by officers," said PoliceChief Mathew McCord, of 18-year-old Galen Kroger. Kroger stormedthe credit union around 3 pm wearing a bandana mask and armed witha rifle, but never asked for money during a three-hour negotiationwith police, during which he eventually let go all of the captives."His motivation was not money and that made us all very uneasy,"said McCord. The stand-off ended when Kroger ran out of the creditunion around 6 pm and police launched a flash-and-bang device nextto him, knocking him to the ground.

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