Hill Hikers Hit Home CUMessage

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WASHINGTON - (09/23/0) -- Maine Congressman Michael Michaud,the only credit union volunteer serving in Congress, urged morethan 300 credit union executives Wednesday to make their voicesheard to his congressional colleagues during CUNA's 'Hike the HillMonth'. "With just six weeks to go before the elections, now is theopportunity to make the credit union voices heard and now is thecrucial time to get involved back home," said Michaud, a directorat EastMill FCU, during an Election Fair sponsored by CUNA onCapitol Hill. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham urged creditunion executives to remain "community oriented" and "communityactive" and "never stop coming up here in droves," said thefreshman senator. As many as 800 credit union executives fromalmost 40 states blanketed Capitol Hill this week to counter thebankers' lobbying for repeal of the credit union tax exemption. Asmany as 1,200 executives are expected to visit their congressmenduring the month as part of the nationwide lobbyingeffort.

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