Husband and Wife Confess to CUHold-Up

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MONROE, La. - (07/05/06) – A young husband and wife fromFlorida who were arrested for robbing a Florida bank, have admittedto holding up Forest Kraft FCU in West Monroe last week. Thecouple, Donald Till, 31, and China Till, 28, both from Fort Walton,Fla., also confessed to making five bomb threats to divert policeduring the heists. Donald Till allegedly entered the credit unionon June 27 armed with a handgun and demanded cash form twoemployees. After taking an undisclosed sum, the left a pipe bomb onthe counter, and fled. The bomb turned out to be a fake.Till’s wife confessed to robbing First National Bank andTrust in Fort Walton the week before in the same manner. The twoalso confessed to phoning in bomb threats to two Wal-Marts, and twoother businesses near Monroe.

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