HyperSpace Accelerates High-Speed DataTransfers

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DENVER - (12/15/04) -- HyperSpace Communications Inc., aprovider of data acceleration software for credit unions, said ithas released a new version of its HyperTunnel which speeds thetransfer of data over T1 and DSL lines. HyperTunnel 3.6 is thefirst version of HyperTunnel to use the company's HyperTCPtechnology which increases throughput over high-speed networks andis expected to appeal to users of high bandwidth networks,including T1 and DSL. HyperTunnel 3.6 now supports the HyperTunnelGateway product on Windows platforms in addition to Linux and Unixplatforms. Businesses no longer need to add Linux of Unix to theirnetworks in order to take advantage of the HyperTunnelsolution.

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