Identity Theft As A FamilyAffair

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BANNER, Calif. - (05/23/05) -- A local couple were charged withstealing the identities of as many as six people, including a sonand daughter, then using the I.D.s to become members at Navy FCUwhere they took out more than $300,000 in loans. Johnna Kojis, 28,and her husband, Stan Kojis, 32, face as many as 20 counts ofidentity theft, grand theft and preparing false documents and arebeing held in the county jail. The couple's finances have beenfrozen until authorities can determine if there are more than sixvictims, including one of Johnna's sons from a previous marriageand the couple's daughter. Police believe Johnna Kojis obtainedinformation on the victims, including Social Security numbers,while she worked as a loan officer at Allied Home Mortgage CapitalCorp. The information was allegedly used to join, then openaccounts at Navy Fed, and later to obtain the loans. The couplethen deposited the proceeds from the loans in numerous personal andfraudulent accounts, police said.

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