Journal Sponsoring Technology Survey

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The Credit Union Journal, in conjunction with Campbell Communications, Inc., is in the midst of conducting a credit union communitywide survey on attitudes of executives regarding selection of vendors in several areas of technology.

The survey will include what are most important factors in selection or switching from a supplier, and will involve companies in core processing, online services (including Internet banking, membership/loan apps, bill-pay, ACH transfer, e-statements and credit card or debit card processing) and call centers.

In addition, the survey will probe for satisfaction with current vendors in each area and likelihood of switching, as well as most likely prospects as successors if they do.

The survey is being conducted by Campbell Communications, Washington, D.C. which conducts similar studies online in several vertical marketplaces.

Results will be shared with readers of The Credit Union Journal, and also with management and marketing specialists at the various technology suppliers to the credit union community. The findings will provide those firms with ways they can specifically change their marketing approach to grow revenues in 2003.

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