Katrina-Affected Credit Unions GetInsights On What Lies Ahead

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NEW ORLEANS - (11/28/05) Credit unions in this city and statethat are still recovering from Hurricane Katrina were given help ontactical planning for the four quarters by former NCUA ChairmanDennis Dollar and his partner, also formerly of NCUA, Kirk Cuevas,of Dollar & Associates. Organized by the Louisiana league, the“Surviving Hurricane Katrina” program was aimed ataddressing the challenges the credit unions will face in the comingmonths. “There is still much uncertainty facing credit unionsin the New Orleans area,“ said LCUL CEO Anne Cochran in astatement. “Field of membership issues, staffing, the lack ofnew loans, an increase in delinquencies – just to name afew.” Two separate meetings were held according to assetsize. Dollar provided some guidance on what NCUA’s focus issix and 12 months after a disaster.

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