Katrina Donations Mount From CUMovement

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NEW ORLEANS - (09/20/05) -- The credit union movement haspledged well over $3 million to help victims of Hurricane Katrina,with the majority of the financial donations going to the AmericanRed Cross or National CU Foundation. The NCUF said the credit unioncommunity had pledged $1.5 million, about $700,000 of which hadbeen collected by the end of last week. Steve Delfin, head of thecredit union charity, said $550,000 of the funds were released tothe Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama leagues last week to helpleague and credit union employees whose property was damaged ordestroyed by the massive storm. "It appears that the first phase ofthe giving has leveled off. Now, we're contemplating what to donext, in terms of additional fundraising," Delfin told The CreditUnion Journal. "I suspect that we'll be sending out anotherfundraising appeal." The funds sent to the leagues were beingissued to employees as checks for short-term financial aid, hesaid.

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