Liberty Debuts More Ways To Fight Fraudulent Checks

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Liberty has introduced new solutions aimed at fighting check fraud and identity theft, unveiling the EZShield Check Fraud Protection Program and The Premier Pack with Personal Identity Theft Protection.

The EZShield Check Fraud Protection Program covers a credit union member's complete check order for up to two years and is available for personal-size checks drawn on personal accounts only, the company said. Protection is limited to $25,000 for checks covered by the program. In addition to protection afforded members by the UC Code, Liberty said EZShield covers costs associated with:

* Forged Signatures. Checks that are forged with the account holder's signature (as the payer), resulting in the account holder's checking account being debited.

* Forged Endorsements. Checks that are endorsed and cashed or deposited by someone other than the designated payee, based upon a fraudulent and false endorsement.

* Alterations. Checks that have altered information such as payee identification or the check amount or are otherwise altered to benefit the party altering the check.

Liberty said credit unions may also offer their members the Premier Pack with the Personal Identity Protection Program, which starts when account holders order two boxes of personal checks. But the identity theft protection program covers any transaction whether by check, card or Internet.

The 12-month protection program, offered through the AIG, includes recovery of many of the costs associated with identity theft, up to $10,000 maximum, with a $100 deductible. If their identities are stolen, participating members also have a checklist of what actions to take and letters to use.

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