Loan-To-Share Ratio Improves

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With loan growth again exceeding share growth during November, 2003, the overall credit union loan-to-savings ratio grew to 71%, up from October's 70.5%.

Through November, CUNA said savings balances had grown 9% during 2003 to $544.8 billion. Growth was seen in IRAs (up 0.5%) and regular shares (up 0.1%). Share drafts and one-year certificates both decreased. Total loans outstanding grew 0.6% during November to $386.8 billion, CUNA said, representing overall growth of 8.9%. The leading loan category was "other loans" at 4.6%.

CUNA reported that CUs' average capital-to-asset ratio remained at 10.7% for the third consecutive month. Delinquencies have remained at 0.7% for the past six months.

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