Looking For Work? Then NCUA Is Looking For You

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Americans looking for work should consider a job at the federal regulator of credit unions.

In remarks before NCUA's biannual supervisory conference here, National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Chairman Dennis Dollar pointed out that approximately one-third of current NCUA supervisory personnel will be eligible to retire from the agency within the next four years. To that end, Dollar challenged those on hand to "both demonstrate and develop our next generation of NCUA leaders to be positive thinkers with the right regulatory and supervisory philosophy."

"Although we hope that our most progressive supervisors and managers choose to stick around for years after they meet their retirement eligibility," said Dollar, "history tells us that a sizeable number of those who are eligible to retire from federal service will choose to do so."

Those who are willing to tackle the management opportunities available with the regulator will find opportunities to be "virtually unlimited," Dollar said, if they are "willing to put down their roots and grow with NCUA."

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