Lucky Members Take Their Winnings ToSecurity FCU

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FLINT, Mich. - (2/06/06) – There was good news last week inthis struggling auto-manufacturing community when 12 lucky membersof the United Auto Workers union hit their numbers in the lottery.The lucky 12, all members of Security FCU, shared in the $250,000Mega Millions prize when five of their six numbers came in. Theymissed the multi-million dollar grand prize in the Jan. 27 drawingby just the one digit. The lucky auto workers were seen cashingtheir checks at the local branch of the credit union last week. Thegroup had played the lottery together for the past five years,putting in $5 each a week to buy 60 tickets. The winners are 10workers and two retirees from the General Motors Powertrain FlintNorth plant, which has experienced several rounds of lay-offs. Eachof the lucky dozen credit union members will get $15,000 aftertaxes.

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