MACU Letting Members 'Deduct-A-Buck' For Donations To Miracle Network

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Mountain America CU is making it easier for its 191,000 members to make donations to a children's charity by offering to arrange for monthly deductions.

Jodi Mitchell, spokesperson for the $1.4-billion credit union, said that the credit union is mailing letters to members to inform them about the "deduct-a-buck" program. Members can make donations starting at $1 to the Children's Miracle Network that will in turn distribute the money to hospitals in Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.

"We don't necessarily have a goal in mind," Mitchell said, adding MACU just wants to "make it easier for members to donate."

CMN was chosen because it already has a "standing relationship" with the credit union, she said.

Under the "deduct-a-buck" program the credit union won't be matching the donations or making additional contributions, but it has contributed to the charity in the past by sponsoring charity golf tournaments. Past contributions have amounted to some $205,000, the CU said in a statement.

Mitchell said that members can authorize deductions for the charity fund over the telephone by calling the service center.

The credit union serves SEGs that include workers of Novell, the State of Utah, Salt Lake County Employees and L3 Communications.

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