Marine Court-Martialed For BouncingChecks At Navy FCU

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CAMP FOSTER, Okinawa - (05/24/06) -- A Marine private was sentenced tothree years in prison and handed a bad conduct discharge Mondayafter being convicted by a Marine tribunal of larceny andintentionally writing more than $15,000 of bad checks on his NavyFCU account. The tribunal consisted of three senior enlistedMarines and two officers. Pvt. Robert Harvey, 20, who was assignedto the Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, was found to have written40 checks last July and August to purchase $15,432 worth ofcomputers, stereo equipment and other goods from the Army and AirForce Exchange at Camp Foster. An official with the credit uniontestified Thursday that Harvey wrote some of the checks after shecounseled him on the overdraft problem and informed him that hischecking account was closed. Harvey was also convicted of larcenyfor making $4,350 in purchases on a Fort Sills National Bankchecking card when he had insufficient funds.

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