Masked Gunman Wanted Suicide, Not MoneyIn CU Seige

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - (07/28/05) -- A tense three-hour stand-off betweenpolice and a masked teenage gunman at Centra CU Wednesday endedafter the suspect released his last hostage. The gunman, identifiedas 18-year-old Galen Kroger, entered the credit union shortly after3 pm armed with a rifle and wearing a blue bandana over his face,police said. He took about 20 credit union members and employeeshostage but negotiators convinced him to release everyone by themanager, whom was released later, around 5 pm. Shortly after 6 pmKroger walked out of the credit union holding his weapon in the airand was taken into custody. Police said Kroger wanted to commitsuicide, since he did not mention robbing the creditunion.

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