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The Credit Union Journal and Member Research have joined forces to offer credit union readers peer comparative data on subjects of concern to their ongoing operations and, ideally, their ultimate success.

The survey's questions appear below, and will be analyzed and compiled by Member Research, a respected firm that works with hundreds of credit union clients nationwide to determine member attitudes and behavior. The survey is also available online via a link at

Credit unions that take just the few minutes required to participate will be offered a free White Paper analysis of the findings, courtesy of The Credit Union Journal and Member Research. General results will be shared in a future issue.

"The goal is the view at 30,000 feet," explained Member Research President Neil Goldman. "The survey is designed to provide useful insights for credit union planning and a baseline for future trending." It is also available online by clicking on the link at

So please take 10 minutes and answer the 12 questions.

As A Movement...

As a movement, the greatest opportunity for credit union growth and success as an industry/movement (short term and/or long term) is:

The biggest obstacles to success the CU industry faces in the next few years are ...

As A Credit Union...

Currently there are approximately 9,000 credit unions in the United States today. How many credit unions do you expect will exist in the next 5-10 years? (check one)









Under 5000

Challenges & Goals

What do you expect will be the fate of YOUR credit union in 10 years?

Your CU will be a surviving credit union.

Your CU will most likely be merged into another credit union.


How does your CU define success? (What key success factors does your credit union measure and report on a regular basis?)

* Does your credit union have a corporate scorecard or monthly/quarterly status measurement?

Yes: (Please list its key components, and how it is used.)

No (please continue).

Growth Goals

Please rate the extent to which you feel the following are challenges or threats to your credit union's success today and into the near future? Not A Threat (NT). Minor Threat or Challenge (MT) or Extreme threat or challenge (ET)

Loss of tax exemption NT MT ET

Regulatory changes NT MT ET

Succession of CEO or senior mgmt. NT MT ET

Limited economies of scale/limited resources NT MT ET

Keeping pace with technology NT MT ET

Hiring quality personnel NT MT ET

Sponsor "downsizing" NT MT ET

Movement toward a sales culture NT MT ET

Competition from other CUs NT MT ET

Competition from banks NT MT ET

Competition from Brokerages/Mutual Funds NT MT ET

Competition from non-traditional providers NT MT ET

Emphasis on member profitability NT MT ET


Information Support Needs

Which of the following describes your credit union's current top strategic objectives and/or challenges? (Whether positive or negative, which are key areas of focus?) (Please select no more than 5).

Adding Services

Minimizing Bad Loans, Delinquencies/Charge Offs

Branch Expansion


Introduction or Expansion of Business Services

Charter Change - As To Regulatory or Corporate Structure

Convenience Challenges/Improving Real or Perceived Access

Deposit Growth

Employee Issues (hiring, training, retention, morale)

Expanding Field Of Membership

Improving Services per Household/Member

Indirect Lending - starting, growing, slowing or stopping

Loan Growth

Member Profitability

Member Retention

Merger(s) with other credit union(s)

New Member Growth

New or Growing Competition

Relationship Pricing Programs

Risk-Based Lending

Sales Culture Development

SEG Development/Penetration

Succession Planning




Please list your growth goals or targets for the following areas (complete all projected, please). (Note: As you know, peer comparatives are only as valuable as the data provided.)

1 YR 3 YRs 5 YRs

Membership growth

Asset Growth

Share growth

Loan growth


Capital Ratio


Strengths & Weaknesses

What information would be of greatest value to you and/or your organization to help your credit union succeed in the coming years? (For example, what information would you like to read in trade publications?)

Where do you feel industry associations could improve to be more effective? (Example: where do you feel the trade associations should be focused but currently are not?)

About You & Your Credit Union

What truly differentiates your credit union from other financial service providers available to your membership - both positively and negatively? Please select up to five strength factors and up to five weakness factors in the columns below.

Strength Weakness Asset Size

Branch Location(s) p p

Community Growth p p

Convenience to Members p p

Experienced Staff p p

Field of Membership p p

Knowledgeable Staff p p

Long Term Vision p p

Management Team p p

Personnel p p

Pricing on Deposit Products p p

Pricing on Loan Products p p

Product Line (availability and diversity) p p

Professionalism p p

Response Time p p

Sales Culture p p

Staff Training p p

Service Quality p p

Succession Plan p p

Technology p p

Volunteers (board/supervisory committee) p p


Please explain:

CU Asset Size:


Board Member

Supervisory member


Senior Management

Middle Management


Executive Level - Administration

Business Development

Call Center



Credit Card



Human Resources

Information Technology




Real Estate



How To Get A Copy of the Results

Thank You. Your response to this survey is greatly appreciated and will help us to provide valuable information to you. To get your white paper on the results, be sure to include your e-mail, below:




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Please mail completed surveys to: Member Research, P.O. Box 7107, Orange, CA 92863-9731.

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