Michigan Delegation Supports TaxExemption

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PLYMOUTH, Mich. - (09/30/04) -- The Michigan CU League has becomethe first state credit union association to obtain the support ofits entire congressional delegation for the credit union taxexemption. The league has collected the names of the state's twosenators and 14 incumbent House members, as well as the likelywinner for the final House seat in November, expressly supportingthe tax exemption, according to David Adams, president of theleague. "We've been working on this ever sine the (American BankersAssociation) came out with Operation Credit Union," Adams told TheCredit Union Journal, of the banker's latest campaign to tax creditunions. Several other leagues are also in the process of gatheringthe explicit support of their congressional representatives for thetax exemption to help quell the bankers' campaign.

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