Michigan OKs 2005 Creative Campaign

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The Michigan league's Cooperative Advertising Forum has finalized its 2005 creative campaign and adopted guiding principles for its $1-million pool of matching placement funds.

The forum replaces the Michigan Credit Union Marketing Alliance (CUMA), which was disbanded earlier this year in favor of a structure based on district representatives.The eligibility requirements for local cooperative ad groups to receive matching funds next year include:

* Restructuring local groups around designated marketing areas (DMAs).

* Having a centralized media-buying function.

* Using the creative material approved by the forum.

* Employing a universal cooperative advertising investment formula that yields at least the same aggregate amount per DMA as the MCUL dues formula.

The league said that participating credit unions can customize or tag TV commercials. The campaign is being created by the BERLINE Group, and includes TV, radio and print spots and collateral, turnkey marketing pieces for individual credit union use.

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