NAFCU Reorganizes Governmental AffairsDepartment

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ARLINGTON, Va. - (03/31/05) NAFCU has reorganized its governmentaffairs department to create a new political affairs divisionheaded by Murray S. Chanow, formerly NAFCU’s seniorlegislative representative. Chanow’s new duties will includedirecting NAFCU/PAC, the association’s political actioncommittee, leading NAFCU’s grassroots programs and managingthe annual Congressional Caucus public affairs meeting. Brad Thalercontinues to lead NAFCU’s congressional lobbying team asdirector of legislative affairs. “It’s become apparentover the last year that we need to place more emphasis on ourpolitical programs,” said NAFCU President Fred Becker,“and I can’t think of a more qualified person to leadour efforts in this area than Murray Chanow.” Becker pointedto the association’s increased visibility last year at thetwo national party conventions as well as activities earlier thisyear associated with President Bush’s inauguration—allof which Chanow had a large part in orchestrating.

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