NAFCU Survey: CUs Believe Corporate Mergers To Continue

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As part of its monthly Flash report, NAFCU surveyed credit unions for their views on corporates. Among the findings:

* 42% of the credit unions answered that they believe there will be one or two corporate credit union mergers over the next five years, while 34% envision three to five mergers.

* 13% believe significant consolidation will occur, indicating that they anticipate that more than five mergers will occur within the next five years, while 11% envision any mergers during the time period.

* 44% of the credit unions indicated that their corporate credit union payment system products and services are most important, while 32% answered the most vital products and services were liquidity.

* 23% cited that the investment products and services are most important, while only 1% answered that the advisory products and services were most critical.

* 92% of CUs said they support a risk-based capital standard for corporate credit unions.

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