NAFCU Trip Brings Back Some Harsh Memories

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Traveling to the annual NAFCU convention back home to my native Boston was a case of deja vu.

For it was 11 years ago (I think), the last time the convention was in Boston, that I and my fellow travelers sat on the runway at then-National Airport in Washington and waited for eight-and-a-half hours for thunder storms and tornadoes to clear up over New York.

It being a brief hour-a-and-half flight, there was no food on the TWA plane and little to drink. We were no permitted to get off the plane (what are your rights in that situation) because the pilot didn't want to lose his place in the line-up for take-off.

When we got to Kennedy Airport in New York around 1:30 am, there was no food because everything was shut down by then. And we finally arrived in Boston at 3:30 a.m., almost 11 hours late!

Of course, I could have made the drive from Washington to Boston in less than 10 hours!

So it was with trepidation that I was remembering the flight from Hell when I went to board the Southwest Airlines flight at Baltimore Washington International Airport, only to learn it was delayed for two hours because of, yikes!, thunderstorms over New York. After boarding, we sat at the terminal for another two hours, with no food on the hour- and-15-minute flight.

When we finally took off, the front of the plan was flooded by the overflowing toilet, prompting the flight crew to shut down both toilets for the duration of the flight.

I think next time NAFCU has its convention in Boston I'll drive.

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