Navy FCU Unveils First TVAds

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VIENNA, Va. - (09/08/04) -- Navy FCU introduced a pilottelevision commercial campaign Tuesday featuring three differentspots in two of its major markets, Hampton Roads, Virginia, and SanDiego. The ads, the credit union giant's first foray intotelevision, include a 30-second branding spot, a 15-second spotfocusing on mortgages, and a 15-second spot on auto loans. The ads,which target 18-to-35 year olds, will run for three weeks on cable,network and a sport package, including ESPN and selected games, inthe two markets, according to Loren Moeller, spokesperson for NavyFed. "Most of our young members tend to be targeted in thesemarkets, " Moeller told The Credit Union Journal. The ads were shotby White & Partners, a Herndon, Va., advertising agencyformerly known as White & Baldacci.

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