NCUA Gives Raises, Bonues To Senior Staff

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The NCUA board has approved minimal pay raises, averaging 2.5%, the lowest in several years, for its top managers, according to data obtained by The Credit Union Journal under the Freedom of Information Act.

As a result, the top wage-earners, including salaries, locality increases (based on the cost-of-living surrounding NCUA offices), and cash bonuses, at NCUA this year will be: Executive Director Len Skiles, $258,615 (+2.7%); General Counsel Robert Fenner, $238,710 (+2.4%); Region Six Director Robert Blatner, $235,370 (+2.3%); E&I Director David Marquis, $229,622 (+2.5%); Rick Ravine, associate director, Region Six, $223,959 (+2.3%); Region Two Director Edward Dupcak, $208,423 (+2.4%); Region Four Director Melinda Love, $207,836 (+2.5%); Region Two Director Tawana James, $192,822 (+2.3%); NCUA Inspector General Herbert Yolles, $187,328 (+4.5%); Deputy General Counsel James Engel, $196,346 (+2.2%); Associate General Counsel Allan Meltzer, $195,323 (+2.6%); Director of Office of Corporate CUs Kent Buckham, $181,658 (+2.4%); Region Three Director Alonzo Swann, $180,547 (+2.4%); Region One Director Mark Treichel, $175,864 (+2.5%); Chief Financial Officer Dennis Winans, $175,784 (+2.5%); and Region Five Director Jane Walters, $175,033 (+2.4%).

Several of the managers received cash bonuses for outstanding performances. They include: Winans ($4,000), Dupcak ($3,000), James ($2,000), Buckham ($1,750), and Marquis ($1,500), among others.

All of the top executives will earn far more than their bosses, the three NCUA board members, with Chairman Dennis Dollar earning a $142,500 salary, and both JoAnn Johnson and Deborah Matz to earn $134,000 this year.

NCUA board salaries are connected to congressional salaries and are only raised when Congress gets a raise. Top agency executives received pay raises averaging 3.4% last year and around 3% the year before.

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