New Examiners Union Charges NCUAFoot-Dragging On Labor Talks

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WASHINGTON - (11/01/04) -- The new union representing NCUAexaminers charged last week the agency is refusing to negotiate onits first collective bargaining agreement. In a complaint filedwith the Federal Labor Relations Authority, the National TreasuryEmployees Union charged NCUA is engaging in unfair labor practicesbe refusing to enter negotiations. "We think they're just stallingbecause they don't want to negotiate," Sheila McCormick, aspokesperson for the union, told The Credit Union Journal. The newunion, which represents more than 700 NCUA employees--most of themexaminers--was ratified on June 30. McCormick said the NTEU, whichrepresents more than 30 other federal agencies, generally beginsnegotiations within weeks after ratification of a bargaining unit.NCUA officials told The Credit Union Journal two weeks ago theywere preparing for labor negotiations but did not return phonecalls seeking comment last week.

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