New Financial Literacy Program Is 'FoolProof'

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The Education Credit Union Council has joined with Remar Sutton and Associates to launch a turnkey student financial education program it is calling "FoolProof." "Our program uses web-driven, interactive modules, and video and audio clips to engage the captive audience a school classroom or a parental environment provides," said Lorraine Zerfas, executive director of the ECUC.

The program was designed in part by two young people who also host and voice the program. "Young people may not want financial education, and may not want to listen to their parents on the topic," says Sutton, "but they do want 'toys' like credit cards and cars. We've designed FoolProof so parents can require their kids to 'pass' FoolProof modules before they are allowed to have major 'perks.' Credit unions without high school relationships can use this as a major member benefit." FoolProof also comes with a separate student website designed for young people called "IsThatSo?," which can be customized to credit unions.

The minimum charge for any credit union for both FoolProof and the IsThatSo? custom website together is $1,500 per year. The maximum charge is ten cents per member per year, up to 50,000 members. There is a flat yearly charge of $5,000 per year for credit unions over 50,000 members.

Credit unions also pay a one-time $500 set-up fee for each school participating in the program, and for customizing the IsThatSo? website.

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