New Tool Helps Credit Unions Address And Resolve Internal Problems

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Extreme Arts & Sciences here has unveiled a new interactive learning tool that helps credit unions to identify internally where they can improve and how to resolve a range of issues.

Called "Get to the Point," the CD-ROM was developed in conjunction with Microsoft to help that huge organization to resolve internal challenges. It has also been used by Boeing Employees Credit Union in Seattle and Oregon Community Credit Union in Eugene.

"It speaks to the issues of communications, problem-solving and services, and it also deals well with the fuzzy issues," said Randy Harrington, president of Extreme Arts & Sciences and well-known to many within credit unions. "This is engaged interaction."

Featured on the CD-ROM are a host of what Harrington described as "realistic employee and member" video vignettes aimed at "triggering discussion about critical issues in a sales and service culture."

"The effect is it gets people to talk about some very tough issues without becoming personal or political," he explained. "And the last piece, which is critical, is that there is no outside consultant. You learn by doing."

"There are about 50 different ways to use this," he continued. "This is for any credit union that wants everybody on the same page as it relates to internal and external customer service," said Harrington, "especially if you have multiple sponsors or a community charter.

The Get to the Point package includes a manual for a facilitator and for participants. The cost to credit unions of less than 50 people is $500. For info: 877-345-5764, or

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