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What Lies Ahead

An examination of 2003 industry trends offers insights into what CU leaders should plan for

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The Good News

Two separate trend analyses see generally good news in the credit union numbers

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FOM Activity

Mergers and Community Charter expansions were rampant during 2003

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Breaking The Window

The spread of the Windows operating system to ATMs is exposing them to viruses

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Study Examines EFT

Study suggests that the Canadian EFT model has no advantages over the U.S. model

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The Value Challenge

Growth in community charters is only adding to difficulty of promoting member value

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A Healthy Advantage

Credit unions offer advantages over many other employers when it comes to health care

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Segway'ing Into Loans

Calif. CU is offering loan package on Segway transporters

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One CEO's Strategy

CEO has fueled growth using marketing, pricing and cost cutting

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