Next Generation CU Supporters Groomed ForCongress

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MUSKOGEE, Okla. - (10/22/04) -- The names are familiar but thecandidates may not be. Credit union supporters nationwide can beexcused if the names of candidates supported by their trade groupslook like someone out of the past, but in fact they represent a newgeneration of would-be credit union allies in Congress. Among themare Democratic State Rep. Dan Boren of Oklahoma, son of former Sen.David Boren; Democratic State Rep. Russ Carnahan of Missouri, sonof former Sen. Jean Carnahan and former Gov. Mel Carnahan; andRepublican State Rep Connie Mack of Florida, son of the former U.S.Senator of the same name. Then there's Democratic Rep. CharlesGonzalez of Texas, son of former House Banking Committee ChairmanHenry Gonzalez; and Sen. Lisa Murkowski, daughter of former Sen.Frank Murkowski, who are receiving credit union support for theirreelection campaigns. Stay tuned for Democratic State Rep. DanielLipinski of Illinois, who is expected to win the endorsement of theIllinois CU League in the final days of the his campaign for theHouse seat being vacated by his father William Lipinski, after 22years. "It's more than likely will support him; I believe hesupports us on the issues. His father always did," said DonEdwards, chief lobbyist for the league.

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