Nine Cases Against MasterCard AreDismissed

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PURCHASE, N.Y. - (11/10/04) MasterCard International said thatcourts in nine states have dismissed consumer class action suitsagainst it. The lawsuits had been filed following the separatemerchant class action suit, which MasterCard and VISA lost, filedover the issue of interchange fees. The lawsuits that weredismissed were brought on behalf of consumers claiming to have beeninjured by MasterCard’s conduct. The courts ruled that theplaintiffs did not have a legally recognizable claim, and that theylacked standing to bring these cases. Courts also found that thedamages sought were abstract and speculative. Dismissed werelawsuits filed in New York, North Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota,Maine, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas. Separatelawsuits remain in California and Tennessee, with MasterCard sayingit remains encouraged because courts in those states have narrowedthe claims.

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