Oklahoma CUs Seek A Friend In The U.S.Senate

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. - (10/27/04) -- The credit union lobby hopes itsdays without a friend in the U.S. Senate are near an end. Creditunions are hoping to replace retiring four-term Republican Senatorand sometime credit union antagonist Don Nickles with Democrat BradCarson, an strong credit union supporter during his two terms inthe House. Carson, who has expressed his support of the creditunion tax exemption and signed on as co-sponsor to CURIA, thecredit union regulatory relief bill, stands in contrast to thestate's current Senate duo. Both Nickles, who has expressedreticence about the tax exemption, and his Senate colleague JamesInhofe are among only six senators to vote against HR 1151, the1998 CU Membership Access Act. Lisa Finley, vice president of theOklahoma CU League, said Carson's Republican opponent, former Rep.Tom Coburn, has also expressed support for credit unions, butCarson has been able to act on his support the past few years inCongress and has made a concerted effort to court credit unions."It's important to know we have a friend," she told The CreditUnion Journal of the potential for a new ally in theSenate.

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