One If By Sea, Two If By Democratic Convention

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It was the tale of two conventions.

Every day last week thousands of rank-and-file Democratic Party activists, most of them delegates, gathered inside the Fleet Center to hear leading politicians speak about the issues.

These were people like representatives of union locals, school teachers, or academicians, who came to Boston to speak their minds, organize for the Fall elections, and, most of all, to cheer on the party. For them it was one big pep rally.

And outside the convention hall at the hundreds of expensive restaurants and watering holes that dot downtown Boston were the professionals. They could be seen wearing expensive suits at lavish events featuring fine food and drink and popular entertainment.

These were special interests, like Washington lobbyists or public relations representatives or the media. Many of these convention attendees didn't even make it inside the convention hall. Though many of them were non-partisan, they were there for similar reasons as the party faithful; to speak their minds and push an agenda.

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