Open Solutions Launches Two-FactorAuthentication

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GLASTONBURY, Ct. - (03/10/06) -- Open Solutions Inc. announced therelease of its Security Matrix Two-Factor Authentication feature,which will be offered to client financial institutions as anoptional security add-on to the Internet Banking application. WithSecurity Matrix, each consumer is issued a wallet-sized card, whichcontains unique random numbers arranged in a row-and-column format(i.e. a matrix). The online user first enters his or her user nameand password in the established manner. The consumer will then beprompted to input a second authentication factor - the digitscontained in 3 randomly chosen cells in the matrix. The consumerwill enter the data contained in the cell element that correspondsto the prompted coordinates. Once the system verifies that thedigits entered are correct, the user is admitted to the onlinebanking portal. This results in more than 59,000 possiblecombinations to complete a valid authentication. This type ofauthentication requires limited customer training and, if the cardis lost, replacement is easy and inexpensive.

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