Party Turncoat To Retain CUSupport

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ALEXANDRIA, La. - (08/12/04) -- The credit union lobby will continueto support Rep. Rodney Alexander, the first-term Democratic Housemember who switched parties last Friday, just hours before thefiling deadline for Louisiana's unusual open primary, deprivingDemocrats of a chance to field a credible competitor for the seat."We will continue to support the congressman. I told him that thismorning," Jeff Brooks, congressional lobbyist for the Louisiana CULeague, told The Credit Union Journal Wednesday. "It's the person,not the the party," he added, noting the first-term Rep.'s supportof issues like bankruptcy reform and regulatory relief for creditunions. Under Louisiana's open primary system candidates from bothparties will vie against each other in a Nov. 2, just days beforethe national elections, with a winner proclaimed if he/she winsmore than 50% of the vote. Otherwise, a run-off is held between thetwo top vote-getters. The Louisiana league has yet to weigh in therace for the state's open Senate seat, in which credit unionfriends, Republican David Vitter and Democrat Chris John, areexpected to survive the primary. The seat is currently held byDemocratic John Breaux, who is retiring after threeterms.

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