Pile Of Dough Baked On FalseRecords

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NEW YORK - (11/21/05) -- Two brothers were found guilty offinancing an empire of more than two-dozen Dunkin Donuts throughtheir credit union on a pile of lies, authorities said Friday.Constantine 'Gus' Gianapoulos, 38, and his brother Anastasios 'Tom'Gianopoulos, 41, pleaded guilty to several felonies, including taxevasion and making false statements on a series of loanapplications to Central CU, in Queens, in order to obtain more than$3 million in loans for their business, which, at one time operatedas many as 35 Dunkin Donuts franchises and the bakeries thatsupplied them. Prosecutors said the brothers submitted falsecorporate tax returns that demonstrated the donut shops wereprofitable, when they were not. The brothers were also charged witha scheme to withhold income and payroll taxes on their business andother tax schemes between 2000 and 2004.

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