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WesCorp Launches 'imagEaze'

SAN DIMAS, Calif.-WesCorp has unveiled a new imaging solution that provides credit unions with added versatility in serving their members, the corporate said. The service, called imagEaze, provides WesCorp member credit unions "with our imaging capabilities, the ability to image-capture their drafts, efficiently and economically," WesCorp said. "With imagEaze, member credit unions send their cleared on-us items directly to WesCorp for imaging, regardless of where the item was processed or settled. WesCorp quickly images each item and makes them available to the credit union the following day through WAVE." WAVE is WesCorp's real-time Internet gateway to member account activity. WesCorp members use the Internet as their pathway to WAVE's secure network. For info:

Southwest Corp. Grows, Expands

DALLAS-Surging deposits has pushed Southwest Corporate's assets above $9-billion for the first time. SWCFCU's $9.3-billion in assets are up from $7.1-billion at the end of 2002. "We believe that this surge in deposits indicates that our member credit unions understand that we are working on their behalf," said CEO Francis Lee. Despite the low-rate environment, Southwest Corporate said it offered a 46 investment "specials" during 2002.

Separately, Southwest Corporate has completed a doubling of its office space in Houston, which now encompasses 10,000 square feet and processes more than more than 11 million checks per month. "We've reached a point where we are averaging more than a half million items per day," said Jody Beck, senior VP-operations. "We had to grow physically to keep up with volume growth," she said.

SunCorp Surpasses $3B Mark

DENVER-SunCorp Corporate Credit Union said its assets have surpassed $3 billion for the first time as of Feb. 28, 2002. The corporate's assets stood at $2.5 billion at the end of 2002 and jumped by more than $500 million in the first two months of 2003. For info:

Intrieve Marking 25th Birthday

CINCINNATI-Intrieve, Inc., a provider of outsourced technology soltuions, is celebrating its 25th year of service. Founded in 1978 as Savings and Loan Data Corp., it changed its name in 1995 to Intrieve, a combination of the words "intelligence" and "retrieval."

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