Put Your Photo On The Front Of YourCredit Card

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SALT LAKE CITY - (01/05/06) -- America First CU officially rolledout its new personalized credit card service on New Year's. ThePicture Perfect Visa Card will allow members of the $3 billioncredit union to place a digital photo of themselves, a familymember or a variety of available pictures to create their ownpersonalized credit card. The personalized cards, which are createdwith technology from Serverside Group Limited, were made possiblewhen Visa moved the dove hologram from the front of its cards onJan. 1 to the rear. The updated card design provides America Firstmembers with increased space on the front of their cards to createan edge-to-edge customized card. Instructions at the credit union'swebsite direct members to either upload their personal photo orchoose from a large selection of existing images. The member canthen manipulate the image to design the front of their own card.London-based Serverside Group is a two-year-old company that alsoprovides AllAboutMe, a web-based application that allows consumersand small businesses to design their own credit, debit or prepaidcards; and One Customer-One Card, a system that enables instantcard issuance.

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