Rizzo, Blom Introduce Pinpoint Direct Marketing

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Pinpoint Direct Marketing has launched operations here, offering credit unions a means to maximizing their marketing budgets and increase campaign returns through multi-channel marketing. The company was founded by Tony Rizzo and John Blom.

"The key to a successful multi-channel event is creating a compelling message and showing the member the message is tailored to them," said Rizzo. "This is best achieved through direct response marketing as opposed to using broad based media." The new company is offering a process called iModel, which it describes as an "effective, six-step process develops the financial goal of a campaign and defines overt product benefits of membership. Once complete, Pinpoint assists the credit union with a second discipline called iAnalysis, a data-hygiene and enhancement process that combines internal member information without third-party data to enrich the message and insure that it moves a member to action. From there, the direct mail and email campaign is created and sent to the member."

Communications are carefully timed so that members receive both messages within days of each other to increase awareness and sales.

"This disciplined approach allows credit unions to do more with their budget by focusing on specific targets instead of the mass market," said Pinpoint's president Tony Rizzo.

For info: 763-784-7555, or www.pinpointdirect marketing.com.

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