Robber Claimed To Be Hurricane KatrinaVictim

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ST. LOUIS - (09/19/05) -- A an armed fraudster and anaccomplice robbed a St. Louis Community CU member of thousands ofdollars after claiming to be a victim of Hurricane Katrina, policesaid. The robber approached the 61-year-old victim Wednesdaymorning at the local supermarket and told him he was a Gulf Coastevacuee and asked for a ride. As they were leaving the parking lotan accomplice jumped into the back seat of the car. The two menforced the victim at gunpoint to his credit union where the victimwithdrew thousands of dollars, according to police. The armedassailants then forced the victim to drive them to another of thecredit union's branches and forced him to drain the rest of hisfunds, then fled. Police said victim was so humiliated he waitedtill the next day to report the crime.

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