Robber Claims CU Slaying WasAccident

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ORLANDO, Fla. - (09/09/04) -- A man arrested after Tuesday's fatalslaying at Fairwinds CU said he was trying to force the teller toopen the cash vault when he accidentally shot her in the head andkilled her. "He claimed the lady wasn't opening the safe fastenough so he went to hit her upside the head when the gun wentoff," Capt. Bernard Persha, of the Orange County Sheriff's office,told The Credit Union Journal. The suspect, Luc Termitus, 20, waswaiting outside the credit union when the assistant manager and thevictim, Sue Ellen Gelsinger, 55, arrived to open the branch around7:30 am Tuesday. A third employee coming to work so what was goingon and called police on her cell phone. Police arrived momentslater but not fast enough to save Gelsinger. Termitus was caught ashe frantically drove away from the scene and rammed into a curb,blowing out a tire. The gun that shot Gelsinger was recovered inthe front seat of the car. The suspect did not get any cash becausethe employees were unable to open the safe.

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