Robbers Lose Key To GetawayCar

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SAN DIEGO - (03/13/06) – Two men who held up the OrangeCounty FCU branch Thursday afternoon were forced to flee on footwith a bag of cash after dropping the key to their getaway car. Thetwo entered the credit union around 1 pm and demanded cash. Oneleaped over the teller counter and rifled through thetellers’ cash drawers, then leaped back over the counter.That’s when he dropped the keys, according to police. The tworan out of the credit union and down an embankment to their getawaycar, a silver Jeep Cherokee that was rented in northern California,only to realize they didn’t have the key, according topolice. The robbers were last seen running toward the freeway. Asearch of the area shut down part of the northbound San DiegoFreeway just before rush hour and included a helicopter, abloodhound and armed investigators who scouredshrubbery.

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