Same-Sex Marriages In Mass. Raise Issues For Other States

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SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass.-The legalization of same-sex marriages in this state means that credit unions must now be prepared to deal with a new set of spouses. But what it means to credit unions in other states remains very much a "gray area," according to CUNA's General Counsel, Eric Richard.

"I think it depends on the attorney general in every state," said Richard. "And my guess is that it's going to go to the Supreme Court in the end. Each state is going to have to take a position. A credit union doesn't have to go along, but it's taking a risk if it doesn't."

Rob Kimmett, a spokesperson for the Massachusetts league, said the league is not preparing to send any special notice to affiliates. "We'll likely say something in our publications, but because it's like any other marriage, it's simple to deal with," he said.

More than 500 couples had applied for marriage licenses on the first day same-sex marriages were permitted.

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