Search For Cal/Nev. League CEO Is Progressing

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The search committee responsible for finding a successor to David Chatfield-CEO of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues who will be retiring April 1, 2006-is hard at work and expects to have a candidate ready by Jan. 1, according to Diana Dykstra.

Dykstra, who is currently wearing three hats as CEO of San Francisco Fire Credit Union, chairman of the California Credit Union League and head of the CEO search committee, told The Credit Union Journal the committee has done a lot of work since it was formed in mid-April following Chatfield's April 1 retirement announcement.

"We have chosen D. Hilton Associates as the search firm. We expect advertisements to be in the (trade publications) by mid to late July," she said.

In addition to Dykstra, the search committee members are Al George, North Island Financial CU; Jon Hernandez, South Bay Health Services FCU; Barry Jolette, San Mateo CU; Frank Michael, Allied CU; Tony Mook, Cumorah CU; and Vince Rojas, Kern Schools FCU.

Dykstra said the committee has evaluated the criteria and selection characteristics a candidate needs to replace Chatfield.

She said Chatfield has worked with the committee on the job description for the position - which changed during his lengthy tenure. Chatfield has been CEO of the California Credit Union League since March 1991, and added leadership of the Nevada league in 1996.

The committee also is revisiting the compensation package "because that's a big deal," she said. "We hope to have a person selected by Jan. 1, and we still are on target to meet that date," said Dykstra.

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