Senate Banking Eyes New Data SecurityBill

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WASHINGTON - (06/27/06) -- Two members of the Senate BankingCommittee introduced yet another bill Monday aimed at stemming thegrowing number of data breaches. The bill would do three mainthings: require users of confidential data to develop measures tosafeguard the data; require them to investigate any breach ofsecurity; and require them to notify their customers if a breachhas been discovered that could cause 'substantial harm' to theircustomers. The bill defines confidential data as, first and lastnames, addresses, telephone numbers in combination with SocialSecurity numbers, driver's license numbers, Taxpayer IdentificationNumbers; as well as sensitive account information, like credit anddebit card numbers. The bill, co-sponsored by Sens. Robert Bennett,R-Utah, and Thomas Carper, Del., is similar to a bill that has beenpassed by the House Financial Services Committee. There are as manyas 10 bills pending in both the House and Senate that would addressdata security.

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