Senate Dems Press Bankruptcy BillRevisions

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WASHINGTON - (03/02/05) -- Senate Democrats pushed for anamendment to the bankruptcy bill Tuesday that would exempt activeduty military from the means test of the bill, one of dozens ofamendments Democratic opponents of the bill are planning tointroduce during the expected two-week debate on the measure. "Manymen and women in the military are making extraordinary sacrifices,"said Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill.. "It's unfair that they shouldcome home to face this harsh bankruptcy law." Durbin's proposalwould also allow more generous homestead exemptions for soldiers sothey could keep their home and cars. Democratic opponents are alsoplanning to file amendments in the next few days to protectindividuals forced into bankruptcy by medical emergencies from themeans test; to require greater disclosures from credit cardcompanies on interest and fees; and to bar abortion clinicprotesters from shielding their assets under bankruptcy laws. Sen.Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., said he is also contemplating an amendmentthat would increase the minimum wage, which hasn't been raised in adecade. Senate Republicans are hoping to limit the number ofamendments in order to maximize the chances of the bill gettingpassed in the House.

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