Senate Leader Sets Trap ForBankruptcy

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WASHINGTON - (02/28/05) -- Several Senate Democrats arereported to be planning to set up roadblocks to the bankruptcyreform bill as the Senate begins to debate the credit union-backedbill on Monday night. Among the biggest impediments are plans bySen. Ted Kennedy, one of the major opponents of the bill, tointroduce his own version of bankruptcy reform Monday and the bidis reported to be backed by at least one major credit unionexecutive. Credit union lobbyists were still working over theweekend to determine the details of Kenendy's proposal and who thechief credit union supporter will be. In addition, New York Sen.Charles Schumer was still holding to his fight for the amendment tobar abortion clinic protesters from shielding their assets underbankruptcy, which killed the bankruptcy bill in each of the lasttwo congresses. Schumer and several of his Democratic colleaguessaid they will fight to get the so-called Schumer amendment backonto the bill.

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