Snow Shutters Many

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While much of the Midwest and East resumed business as usual last week, despite the severe snowstorm that blanketed the area days earlier, several leagues got an extra day off.

Jo Ann Stallings, director of public relations and communications for the Maryland Credit Union League, said while the league office was closed on Monday for President's Day, many side streets-including her own-were still covered with as much as three feet of snow on Tuesday, making it impossible for travel.

"The only reason I made it to work today is because I've been digging out since Saturday,'' Stallings said, adding that street plow workers showed up late on Tuesday.

And, as far as she knew, the only league staffer still stranded was a receptionist. "She was still waiting for a plow,'' Stallings said.

Stallings said from the looks of her e-mail log from Monday and Tuesday, it's likely that most of the credit unions in the state had similar experiences. "Yesterday was very, very slow,'' she said. "Today, it's very busy.''

Similar repercussions were felt at both the D.C CU League and CUNA's Washington office, following the lead of the federal government, which was closed on Monday in celebration of the holiday, but didn't reopen on Tuesday.

While the Delaware governor declared a state of emergency, banning all unauthorized vehicles on the roads Monday, several employees of the Delaware CU League trudged their way to work on Tuesday.

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