Some Of The Comments Made By Members of Lake Michigan Credit Union During meeting

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"It makes me angry that people in charge would betray the very institution they represent. If you don't like it, why don't you go to a mutual savings bank?"

Another member simply wanted to know whether casting his ballot at the last minute still made him eligible for a chance at the three-year lease on a Cadillac. "All votes here are eligible to participate in the drawing," one official assured him. "One of those Cadillacs may have your name on it."

The member who followed him responded, "I could care less if I win a Cadillac or not. In the disclosure, I have yet to see how I will benefit."

"Is it not possible that the future voting status is engineered toward the small percentage of large shareholders in the organization?," asked one member.

To that, attorney Jim Fleischer replied, "Experience with 25 or so others (that have converted) is that members do not leave. They still get terrific rates and terrific service."

"People joined the credit union because it was a credit union that helped people who needed a little more attention. This (proposed conversion) is off-track."

"My husband and I have read all of the mailings we received and still are not sure why we are here tonight," said one member, suggesting that at least some members be allowed to review materials to eliminate all the confusing jargon.

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