South Carolina FCU Offers Dual DieboldInnovations

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CHARLESTON, S.C. - (11/22/04) -- South Carolina FCU became one of thefirst financial institutions to implement two of Diebold's newesttechnology innovations, RemoteTeller and PassVault, in the samebranch. The RemoteTeller System provides added security for membersand employees by using pneumatics and two-way, closed-circuittelevision, incorporating the concept of traditional drive-thruteller systems inside a branch. PassVault is a self-service vaultaccess system designed to reduce the time accessing and managingsafe deposit boxes by allowing members to access their boxes withpersonal identification numbers (PINs). The system uses biometricrecords of users' hands for access. South Carolina FCU's firstnew-concept branch opened last week, with a second scheduled foropening in January.

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