SunCorp Revamps Website Adds SunALM

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The $3-billion SunCorp Corporate Credit Union has relaunched its website with the "sunny colors" of its corporate identity being applied to its logo, ads, newsletters and all other marketing materials. The goal is to convey the image of reliability, warmth and growth symbolized by the sun, the corporate said. SunCorp said it has also improved the functionality of the site by streamlining the navigation bar and re-organizing menu categories. A new category called "Members" allows member credit unions access to their accounts from one location on the site. These accounts include the web-based programs SunPower, SunPower IP, APEX-ACH, Image Connect, and E-Quality Bill Pay. The site can be found at

Separately, SunCorp has launched SunALM, a web-based asset liability management (ALM) tool that makes "risk management convenient, effective and powerful for member credit unions," the corporate said. "SunALM uses the speed of the internet to give members a comprehensive method for managing and analyzing their balance sheet."

According to SunCorp, SunALM uses data imported from general ledger, loan, deposit and investment systems, and allows the user to generate required regulatory reporting, and perform online asset liability management simulations. "These simulations will help members test the effects of different loan, share, certificate and investment strategies to measure how they would impact the credit union's net income and risk profile-resulting in decision-making based upon analysis, rather than speculation," it said.

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